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We Compare Hard Seltzer vs Single-Serve Wine and The Winner Is Not Surprising

Throughout the past year, canned hard seltzer has emerged as quite the powerhouse on the alcoholic beverage scene.
But hold the press for a minute; what’s behind its sudden popularity? Is it the low-calorie count that many hard seltzer brands offer? Or maybe the fact that water with a dash of alcohol mixed in sounds a lot more appealing than a glass of water alone?
Whatever the reasons, it’s no secret that canned hard seltzer has been kicking the crap out of the wine industry lately. There is, however, one wine company that dares to challenge the validity of this new lower alcohol, water-based beverage’s claims to fame.
Drinjk Wines (pronounced drink), a company that specializes in single-serve wines, is dusting off its gloves like the Rocky Balboa of the wine industry. Drinjk’s smaller wine servings (which, not unlike Rocky, aren’t all that small) offer a perfect solution for active people who want to enjoy a glass of wine without committing to opening a full-sized bottle.
Marques Azul
How big is a Drinjk single-serve wine compared to a can of hard seltzer, you ask?
Well, each of Drinjk’s class glass bottles contains 187ml of quality wine with an average of 13.5% alcohol. The average can of hard seltzer, on the other hand, holds about 375ml of liquid at an average of 5% alcohol. Simply put, a can of hard seltzer weighs in at twice the size of a Drinjk wine, but still offers less alcohol content. Drinjk=1, Seltzer= 0.
Okay, but what about calories? Glad you asked!
While hard seltzer averages out at around 100 calories per can, Drinjk’s single-serve bottles average around 112. So, for a measly 12 more calories, you can get the same guilt-free experience with a lot more character than anything you’ll find in a can!
Like many, you may be wondering where those calories even come from?
The answer is that most calories in alcoholic beverages come from either sugar or the alcohol itself. In this regard, hard seltzers and wine are actually pretty comparable.

To put it as unscientifically as possible, hard seltzers are basically water mixed with vodka, while wine is more or less grape juice mixed with alcohol. Either way, both tend to come out with an impressively low calorie count.

So if watching your waistline is your thing, you can’t go wrong with either. After all, either option is far more calorie-kind than what you’ll find inside the average bottle of beer. But Hard Seltzer does have 12 calories less. Drinjk = 1 Seltzer = 1.

It’s all about the experience!
In my opinion, however, the true tie-breaker comes down to experience. With hard seltzer, you get a mass-produced factory beverage with little to no story behind its production.

Meanwhile, Drinjk offers you the ability to sit down tonight and enjoy a single-serve wine made by the same winemaker who cultivates wine for the Pope. Tomorrow, you might explore the taste of a handcrafted wine from a small Spanish vineyard owned by 4th generation winemakers. When you purchase wine from small vendors, you not only help put food on their tables, you get to become a part of their story. When you buy a pack of hard seltzer, you’re more or less just lining the pockets of another large corporation. Don’t get us wrong, we have nothing against corporate America. But if we were forced to break the tie, we’d have to go with family-run wineries that put their heart and souls into every glass of wine they produce. Drinjk = 2, Seltzer = 1.

After all, your life has a story, so why shouldn’t your beverage?
When planning your next social gathering, pick the beverage that fits your lifestyle the best, however, do know that a glass of wine is a better contender if quality and calories are two big factors for you.
About Drinjk Wines
Drinjk Wines is working towards building the best online wine shopping experience on the planet. Their refreshing approach to wine and innovative single-serve glass wine bottles make it easier for wine lovers to experience wine from around the world, without the commitment of opening a full-sized bottle.
Marques Azul
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