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Be Different. Do Different. Wine Different.

The world is changing and so is the way we shop for wine. It’s our mission to make it easier for you to find rare, affordable craft wines in small or full-sized bottles, handpicked exclusively from small to medium-sized family-run wineries around the world.

Small is the
new cool

What we believe in

The Power of Choice

Some days you want a glass of wine while other days you may need a whole bottle. We believe that you should have the choice to choose the wine bottle size that best fits your lifestyle.

Know Where Your Wine Comes From

There is a reason why mass-produced wines rarely have an ingredients label on the back of the bottle. When you shop Drinjk wines, you can trust that you are getting only real wine made by real people.

Supporting the Little Guy
It can be very hard for small wine producers to get their handcrafted wines to market. We want to help these small wineries to grow outside of their local markets and give our customers an opportunity to try new wines they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.
Never Buying A Wine Before Tasting It First
Have you ever walked into a wine store and became overwhelmed by the selection? How do you know which wine to pick? How do you know if you will even like it? That is why we made it easier to discover new wines by the glass.
If you agree with any of the points above,
start shopping and try us out! We would love the support as we do our best to disrupt the wine market and make it more convenient for people to enjoy wines by the glass.
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