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Misson Wines

Livermore, California
Misson Wines


Misson Wines is a family-owned and operated small-batch vineyard with a whole lot of heart. Tucked away in the Ruby Hill region near San Francisco, CA, Misson Wines is passionate about producing high quality wines and memorable experiences. The nearby San Francisco Bay permeates their wines with incredible aromas and a full flavor that lasts until the very last sip.
Misson Wines


Misson Wines is primarily focused on creating high-quality experience with four types of wine: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangiovese and Rose. This acute focus has helped keep our quality standards high and our experiences memorable. Misson Wines is passionate about continuously growing and improving their wines.

“We purchased our 36-acre vineyard to produce high-quality wine made with love and dedication.”

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