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Hacienda Villarta

Toledo, Spain
Hacienda Villarta


A proudly female-owned and led winery just outside of Madrid, Hacienda Villarta has perfected the art of producing outstanding natural wines. Boasting multiple wins at both national and international tasting events, Hacienda Villarta’s sprawling 378 acres are the essence of the traditional Spanish vineyard. A mixture of olive tree lined fields and the latest winemaking technology, Hacienda Villarta has succeeded in bottling the soul of Spanish hospitality.
Hacienda Villarta


There are many factors that contribute to the success of our wines. Nature has blessed us with wonderful weather conditions that has helped us continually win awards since 1999. Our wines are aged in over 3000 American and French oak barrels, that are constantly rotated with a special mechanical system patented by Villarta. We have a qualified staff who provide experience and passion to produce natural wines of outstanding quality.

“Our team harvests the grapes before dawn to help keep the grapes cool to help control the quality.”

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