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Fassati Winery

Montepulciano, Italy
Fassati Winery


Fassati vines are grown on the sunlit hills of central Italy in the Tuscany region. Known as the “Supplier of the Popes,” Fassati has been making the wine for the Pope for many years. The Tuscan vineyard infuses their passion for greatness into every bottle. Aged to perfection in Slavonian casks, their savory Italian blends will have you praying for another glass.
Fassati Winery


Every producer says that he “makes wine in the vineyard”, however, the team at Fassati believes this to be very true in Montepulciano area. The terroir in this region is so unique, that on its very own, can characterize the production of a series of different grape varieties. You pair this unique terroir with a state of the art aging cellar, you assure yourself the possibility of producing wines which fully bring out the richness and personality which the terroir of Montepulciano gives to its grapes without having to rely on the aromas and flavors of oak.

“We do not use tricks, only the realization of the full potential of the grapes.”

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