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Drinjk Wines

Rancho Cordova, California
Drinjk Wines


Drinjks is the brainchild of our founder, Brett, who remains true to his vision of introducing our customers to the world’s best wineries in a fun, approachable way. That’s why he travels the world, tasting thousands of wines each year in search of the best the world has to offer. But we can’t let our partner wineries have all the fun! Using the extensive knowledge of Brett and our team, we also craft and curate our own unique, additive-free wines that we’re proud to debut under the Drinjk Wines label.
Drinjk Wines


Drinjk Wines believes in sourcing high-quality wines from only small family-run wineries. The store shelves at the liquor store have been overcrowded with mass-produced wines that make it exceedingly difficult for consumers to know where their wine has come from. Several wine labels purchase the same wine, from the same multimillion-gallon facility and only put their own wine label on the bottle. You could be drinking the same wine as the bottle next to it with a different label! That is why, when you shop at Drinjk Wines, you can trust that you are only getting quality wine, from family-run wineries, from around the world.

“The secret to a good wine, is a great experience.”

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