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Drinjk Biggy

Each Biggy Box comes with
4 Big Bottles (750ml) curated just for you!

Covid Care Package Collection

If you have to be stuck at home watching Friends re-runs on Netflix, then you might as well pair your tv watching with wine.


Tooty Fruity Collection

Our Tooty Fruity Biggy 4-Pack includes four delicious, fruit-forward wines with zero added sugar.


Fan Favorites Collection

The reviews are in and we’ve used them to cultivate the perfect Biggy 4-pack, made up exclusively of our best-selling wines.


All Cabernet Sauvignon Collection

If you are always on the lookout for an outstanding Cabernet Sauvignon, then you’re going to love this exclusive Cab collection.


Just Whites Collection

Not a big fan of red wines? Never fear, for our team of wine hunters has got you cover with delicious white wines from around the world.


Buck Naked Collection

Buck Naked: If you’re looking for full-flavored, more health-conscious wines with fewer calories and added flavors, then you’ve come to the right place.


All Spain Collection

Our team of wine hunters has put together everything you need for a Spanish-themed wine tasting, with four different bottles of handcrafted Spanish wine.


Dare To Be Different Collection

Looking to discover some new exotic wines that you have never tasted before? Go Indiana Jones style with curated exotic wines from around the world.


Build Your Own Biggy 4-Pack

Already know what you love? Select four different wines to create your own Drinjk Biggy 4-pack.


You really love us!

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