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Doluca Wines

Northern Thrace, Turkey
Doluca Wines


As one of the 20 oldest businesses in its country, Doluca Wines shares its age with the Republic of Turkey itself. Now run by proud, third-generation winemakers, Doluca takes dedication to excellence to a whole new level. While Turkish wines can be relatively hard to find in the United States, one taste of the unique grapes born from their ancient vines will be enough to make you a fan for life.
Doluca Wines


Doluca has been makes quality wines with the same passion and excitement for three generations. Dolcua goal is to make wine more approachable and break the barriers that make people feel like they have to be trained in wine to enjoy it. Doluca want’s wine drinkers to enjoy and appreciate the wine and see Turkish wine become more recognized on the world stage.

“Winemaking is a culture passed down from generation to generation, from glass to glass.”

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