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Cabana Winery

Lodi, California
Cabana Winery


Cabana winery is proudly owned by the Smerling Family, who named it after their philosophy that “making wine is like a day at the beach.” Located in the Central California Valley, Cabana produces low-batch, high-quality grapes that make for excellently crafted wines. With 30+ years of winemaking experience, the Smerling family packs their passion into each and every one of their quality bottle of wines.
Cabana Winery


After 19 years of making wine at Renwood, Robert decided to partner with his daughters and create an urban boutique winery that focused on the production of small-batch wines made from award-winning fruit. Cabana Wines ferments in small lots and barrel ages the wine on French Oak. Cabana Wines controls the process from the vineyard right to the bottle. The only fruit sourced is low yield, handpicked to ensure that extraordinary wine is the result. Cabana now produces 18 different wines from Lodi, Napa, and Amador county.

“Making wine, is like a day at the beach.”

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