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Bodegas Salzillo

Jumilla, Spain
Bodegas Salzillo


While being newcomers to the Spanish wine scene couldn’t have been easy, the team at Bodegas Salzillo managed to make their mark right out of the gate. By utilizing natural pigments present in grape skins, they’ve created a variety of outstanding wines with beautiful bright colors. As gorgeous as they are delicious, the wines of Bodegas Salzillo are rare delights that are sure to turn a few heads.
Bodegas Salzillo


Bodegas Salzillo has an entire line of unique wines and labels. However, nothing more unique than the natural blue colored wine that pushes all the boundaries of the wine industry. The secret to making the only 100% natural Blue wine with no additives or sugars is a pigment from the grapes skin called anthocyanin. This natural ink when mixed into the white grape juice creates a natural phenomenon turning the wine blue without and chemical process involved.

“The wine industries boundaries are only limited by one person’s imagination.”

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