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Bodegas Alonso Cuesta

Mentrida, Spain
Bodegas Alonso Cuesta


Juan Alonso is a third-generation winemaker of the family-owned Viñedos Alonso De La Torre, a 70-year-old vineyard situated on the old site of a 16th-century Spanish castle. The vineyard continues to live up to its royal legacy, producing grapes that could be classified as the “haute couture” of the wine world. Juan’s drive for winemaking excellence has also led him to serve as the President of the D.O.P. Mentrida for over two decades now.
Bodegas Alonso Cuesta


For more than 100 years, the Alonso Cuesta family has been dedicated to the world of wine where work, effort and love for the vineyard come together to produce original and high-quality wines. Bodegas Alonso Cuesta is a family business, where a clear idea prevails, to present to the market wines that represent the philosophy of the family, dedication, work and affection, virtues that are reflected in the wines we make. In the year 2000’s the sons of Juan Alonso decided to unite tradition and innovation, to guarantee they are obtaining the best from their grapes, seeking both balance and elegance.

“Life is full of small pleasures such as wine, friendship, and culture. The sum of all these pleasures make our life more pleasant.”

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