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Adega Fundao

Cova Da Beira, Portugal
Adega Fundao


Portugal’s Fundao region has been passionate about producing great wine since the days when ancient Romans occupied the Iberian Peninsula. As evidenced by a local first century statue of a man with a basket of grapes, this is a region truly rich in winemaking history. Encapsulating the values of teamwork, generosity, and community spirit, the region’s wines are known for the love and care that goes into every grape.
Adega Fundao


Collaboration is the secret to the success of our community driven winery. The origins of Adega Fundao date back more than half a century. The winery started when 30 local residents created a cooperative style winery in the city of Fundao. The cooperative now has over 600 local farmers who all contribute their grapes from the beautiful and fertile region of Cova Da Beira to produce the award-winning wines. Wine has brought families together for thousands of years and Adega Fundao is proud to keep that tradition alive today.

“Vine culture is this region is incredibly old dating back to when the Romans occupied the Iberian Peninsula in 2nd Century AD.”

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